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Are your child’s educational needs being met?

Welcome to the Cullinan Education Center blog! This blog is meant to be both a resource and interactive channel between you and the center. Even if you do not have a child attending our center, we can help answer questions, provide resources, and provide support for you and your child. 

Advocating for your child’s education can be a frustrating and tiring process. If your child is struggling in school, are their needs being met?  One of the best ways you can help your child succeed in their education is develop a meaningful relationship with your child’s teacher(s). This means being open to contact with your child’s teacher, being patient, but also assertive in making sure your child is getting the instruction that they need. Make sure that you have updated contact information with your child’s teacher so you can communicate easily.

Keep up to date with the assessments your child’s school uses to assess reading and math levels. This will help you better understand how your child is being assessed and often the assessment takes place. Teachers use this data to drive instruction and help students grow academically. Ask your child’s teacher what steps are being taken to ensure growth and success for your child. This knowledge will also help you better understand how to help your child outside of the classroom and knowing what gaps need to be filled. 

Do you feel like your child’s needs are being met through your school? Why? Why not?

Let us know your experience in the comments. We can answer questions or provide resources to better help you and your child have a productive school year!

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