Math Program - On Cloud Nine® Math - Cullinan Education

On Cloud Nine® Math: The Lindamood-Bell®, Visualizing and Verbalizing Math Program is a research-based systematic, sequential program centered on stimulation of imagery as fundamental to developing mathematical knowledge from basic number concepts through decimals, fractions, percents and word problems.

On Cloud Nine® Math is designed to assist students who have difficulties learning and mastering basic mathematical computations, concepts and processes. Numeral and concept imagery are developed to allow sensory-cognitive processing to occur, an essential component which enables students to comprehend and use the logic of mathematics in mental and written computations, and to develop successful problem-solving skills. Extensive use of manipulatives and math-related activities allows for development of concretized imagery.

  1. Imaging numeral
  2. Imaging the number line
  3. Addition family facts
  4. Subtraction family facts
  5. Word problems
  6. Place value
  7. Jumping
  8. Carrying and borrowing
  9. Multiplication
  10. Division
  11. Decimals
  12. Fractions
  13. Percentages

Specialists in algebra, geometry and calculus use the visualizing/verbalizing foundation so students fully understand, picture and grasp advanced mathematical concepts. 

  • Proportion Relationships and Probability
  • Rational / Irrational Numbers and Expressions
  • Expressions from Statements
  • Linear Equations and Early Graphing
  • Area, Surface Area, Volumes, and Circumference Formulas
  • Populations and Samples
  • Systems of Equations
  • Transition to Functions
  • Distance, Angle, Similarity, and Congruence Relationships
  • Pythagorean Theorem with Applications
  • Exponential / Logarithmic Relationships and Laws
  • Quadratic Functions and Graphs
  • Linear Trends in Data
  • Geometric Theorems with Proofs
  • Trigonometric Functions and Graphs

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