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At Cullinan Education Center, we have transformed students who feel defeated by reading into confident readers eager to learn.
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We offer research-based programs for basic math and effective instruction in advanced math that will meet your child´s changing needs.
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Writing & Grammar

Essential for any student who demonstrates difficulty, confusion and frustration when attempting to produce sentences, paragraphs, essays and reports.
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Study Hall

Study Hall sessions are daily teacher-monitored group sessions designed for students whose grades do not reflect their intellectual potential.
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Joan Cullinan Founder

Our beginning

Joanne Cullinan founded the Cullinan Education Center in 1990, based on her experience raising a bright child with dyslexia who served as the inspiration to create a center that could meet the academic needs of all individuals.

Our Mission

Cullinan Education Center is dedicated to providing extraordinary science based interventions in reading, writing, spelling and math. Taking what has been learned in the lab and applying it into the educational setting, ensuring that every individual reaches their full academic potential.

Our method

Orton Gillingham Programs

The instruction is planned to meet the needs of each individual learner.


Using the combined knowledge and skill of experts in the fields of education, medicine, psychology, social work and language theory.


Using all of the learning pathways: seeing, hearing, feeling and awareness of motion.

A Cognitive Approach

Students are guided to understand the reasons for what they are learning rather than relying only on memory.

Emotionally Sound

Instruction promotes successful experiences for students, which in turn promotes self-confidence and motivation.
When students begin to see their own success, they feel more confident. We are celebrating successful students every day at the Cullinan Education Center! Students and staff from Cullinan Education Center take a break from Academics to have some fun.


“My daughter felt like a failure until Cullinan was able to give her the academic support to be successful in school.”
“I appreciate so much that they had a research based program that was specifically for children that struggled with comprehension.”
“Everyone from the teachers, office managers, and support staff have been very professional.”
"This is a first-class educational center with a dedicated and informed staff and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other concerned parents that are trying to help their children learn to their full potential."
"As a parent I am grateful to be able to take advantage of the program at Cullinan Education Center. As a teacher, and especially as a special education teacher, I am very impressed by the systematic, multisensory approach of the programs Cullinan offers. I firmly believe that my boys would still be struggling in school had it not been for the instruction they received at Cullinan."
"Since coming to Cullinan for educational services, our three grandsons' scores in reading have improved two to three grade levels. The methods used at Cullinan have increased their ability to process both language and mathematics. Additionally, the children's self esteem and focus have increased too."

Orton Gillingham Workshops

Cullinan Education Center Inc
Orton Gillingham Workshop

Cullinan Education Center Inc. offers workshops for teachers who wish to increase their effectiveness with students who exhibit weaknesses in decoding and encoding. Our curriculum is based on an adaptation of the well-known Orton Gillingham method (a multi-sensory, kinesthetic tactile, explicit phonics approach).

Orton Gillingham Workshop Meets Requirements for New Assembly Bill 1369 Going into Effect at the Start of the 2017-2018 School Year

The passage of AB 1369 mandates that students receive early identification and appropriate intervention for dyslexia. General education and special education teachers will need to receive the proper training and implement the proper curriculum to address the needs of children with dyslexia. We are one of the few programs that include curriculum with training.